Sunday, June 12, 2011

iCandy further REDUCED!

The clearance iCandy Diapers have just been further REDUCED!

iCandy Wrapper + Liner: $10.00
Contoured, Quilted Soakers: $5.00

Only pay ACTUAL shipping charges via USPS Priority Mail (if shipping ends up being cheaper than what you pay I will refund the difference through Paypal!)

Get your iCandy fix!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iCandy Clearance!!

Hi everyone!

I know I have been MIA for awhile now! Between being pregnant with baby #3, my volunteer doula work, and starting midwifery school it has taken me awhile to get back on the bandwagon with diapers. I have missed it though!

Here's the big news:

The last of the ready-made iCandy Diapers are up on the website this morning on clearance!

They are broken down for purchase as follows:

iCandy Wrapper + Liner: The cutest waterproof diaper cover! Use with our contoured, quilted soakers or as a cover for many other diapers. I have not tested personally, but have heard from many customers that the iCandy Wrapper and Liner combo works well with pre-folds and bio-soakers!

Contoured Quilted Soakers: Perfect compliment to the iCandy Wrapper and Liner or use as a soaker/insert for many other diapering systems. These are topped with microfleece so they are fine to use in direct contact with baby's skin (unlike microterry inserts).

Extra Liners: Extra snap-in PUL liners for the iCandy diapering system (these are what makes your iCandy Wrapper waterproof!)

You can find them here:

If you have any questions please shoot me an email at

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Urban Fluff Customers and Fans....

Dear Urban Fluff Customers and Fans,

For the past four and a half years I have been designing and sewing innovative diapering products, that I hope many moms, dads, and babies have enjoyed. In the beginning it was just me in our small kitchen, designing the diapers, sewing them, designing the website, maintaining it, and processing and shipping orders. With one, and then two, little ones (14 months apart) it was pretty chaotic! Today, Urban Fluff is still a very small company, but I do have help with the sewing. I have a wonderful seamstress who sews most of the diapering products so that I can focus on managing all the other aspect of the business. Occasionally I have also had a generous friend or family member who has come on to help me answer your emails and ship packages. A lot of folks think we are a big, impersonal company, which I guess I take as a compliment that we are projecting a professional image. But really it is just me, one work-at-home mom, running the show. Which gets me to my point, I have realized that I am not happy with the way the diaper company is being run right now. I miss the personal contact and really knowing my customers that I had when I was sewing custom orders myself on a very small scale. I cannot afford right now to continue to have the diapers produced by a third party on the small and sporadic scale that we have been producing them and I also am not prepared to take the company to the next level of larger scale production and marketing. So I have decided to go back to where it all started. After a little break over the holidays, I will be sewing custom orders myself from time to time, on a very small scale, from home, where I can get to know each and every customer and create unique works of "diaper art" for them. I will also be dedicating a lot of my time to my passion for childbirth and helping and educating women in my community through my doula business and my volunteer work as the chapter leader of our local International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) chapter. Finally, I will be dedicating myself to my family. With a husband in the Marine Corps another deployment is always around the corner and our time together is so precious. I hope you all will understand why I am changing the business structure, I won't say closing the business, but it will be a dramatic change. I will do my best to answer your emails, questions, and concerns, but please understand that I am one, very busy mama, :) and if it takes me a few days or even a week, please be patient with me. I very much appreciate all of your support for Urban Fluff over the years, it has been an exciting, interesting, stressful, fun, and educational experience!


Heather Nerheim

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sock Monkey CLEARANCE!! + A New Shopping Experience

We have some EXCITING news!!

It is time to say good-bye to our beloved Sock Monkey prints!
If you're a sock monkey fan or you've just been dying to try out the iCandy Diapering System, now is the time to get them at an AMAZING price!

The more you buy, the more you save, as low as $17.00 per system!

These prints are extremely limited and subject to availability!

We've been making some updates to the website and if you have been familiar with using the Paypal cart on the site things have now changed to a more sophisticated cart. You can still check out with Paypal or with your credit card, whichever you choose! There are links on the main site in several places to the "SHOP" which is now where all your fluff shopping adventures will take place! All the product information pages, etc. are still on the main site for your viewing pleasure!

Here's a little screenshot of the new shopping cart:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day BOGO!

We're bringing back the BOGO! I know a lot of you wanted the Earth Day BOGO sale extended and so we have decided to hold a Mother's Day BOGO sale! This sale will run from Saturday, May 8th (what's left of today) through Sunday May 16th.

Buy a bundle of 3 iCandy Diapering Systems, 3 Ai2 Diapering Systems, or 3 Deluxe Fluff AIO Diapers and GET 1 FREE!

Since bundles are already discounted 10% this is a HUGE savings!

Happy Fluff Shopping!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Custom iCandy

Here are some of the cute custom iCandy diapers that arrived yesterday! Gorgeous prints by some of my favorite designers!

Above: iCandy in On a Whim Owls Pistachio (by Amy Schimler)

Above: iCandy in Rockets from the Space Bot Fabric Collection (By Michael Miller)

Above: iCandy in Lotus Paisley Pink (By Amy Butler)

Above: iCandy in Sprockets from the Space Bot Collection (By Michael Miller)
Above: iCandy in 2D Zoo Blue (By Alexander Henry)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Thank you everyone for participating in our Earth Day Giveaway! I finally finished compiling all the entries and submitting them to for the drawing. Drumroll please...MARISSA BROWN you won a "Gotta Have It" iCandy Diapering Package!! I'll be emailing you for your print preferences!


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