Friday, August 28, 2009

Great Deals on Deluxe Fluff!

ALL the chocolate Deluxe Fluff AIO's are currently being offered exclusively at Baby Half Off!

Hurry on over for a great deal-it sounds like these will be gone before the end of the day!

THANK YOU Your Mama Reviews!

We are so proud that our fluff has been approved by Your Mama Reviews! We want to say a big "Thank you!" to YMR for an awesome review and for bringing your readers attention to a couple features of our diapers that we are very proud of:

1. They're totally cute and fashionable, which means they are perfect for everyone and even get non-CDing moms and dads excited!

2. They are proudly designed and made right here in the Good Ol' USA!

Right on!

We Have a WInner!

Congratulations to Mom Buzz reader Cathy in CA! You have some Deluxe Fluff coming your way!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The sale on the second quality diapers went so well that we decided to hold a HUGE inventory liquidation sale in preparation for the new fall line of diapers & accessories (yay!)-We have a new $10 diaper bin-yep-everything in the store is $10 OR LESS!

Please be advised that diaper bodies and inserts are being sold separately, so you will want to be sure to grab a couple snap-in soakers or inserts when you purchase your diapers so that you will have a complete set!

Here's a list of all the fluffy savings that are in store!

OS AIO bodies-$10
OS Plush Pocket bodies-$10
Snap-in inserts/soakers-$3
Fluff Doublers-$3
Deluxe Fluff AIO's-$10
Organic AIO's-$10

Monday, August 10, 2009


We are doing inventory and I have just stocked our new $5 DIAPER BIN on the website with 2nd quality diapers, doublers, and snap-in inserts. Everything is $5 or less!

Please be aware that the OS AIO and OS Plush Pocket diapers listed do not come with snap-in inserts/soaker pads they are just the diaper bodies. Both 1st and 2nd quality inserts/soakers are available to purchase separately!

We also have a few 2nd quality microfleece fitteds and fluff doublers thrown into the mix!

Happy, fluffy shopping!


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