Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The new Chocolate Collection is HERE!
These fashion forward diapers are now available for purchase on the website and at select retailers! Featuring 4 fabulous colors for any season and our new and improved one-size snap in soaker pads, you don't want to miss out on these gorgeous one-size AIO diapers!

Soaker Improvements!!

We've recently improved our one-size snap-in soaker pads! We used to offer two levels of absorbency, heavy-duty and standard, but we were able to switch our absorbent soaker material to an slightly heavier, but more absorbent toweling than our previous microfiber toweling. Our standard soakers are not as absorbent as the old "heavy-duty" soakers but almost as trim as the old "standard" soakers! We also increased the width of the soakers by one half inch. This increases the absorbent surface area of the soaker pad and also guarantees that there isn't a gap where wicking or leaking can occur near leg openings! We're very happy with the results we're seeing with the new and improved soakers and we hope you will be too!


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