Thursday, October 1, 2009

Introducing the iCandy Diapering System!

It's been awhile since I've blogged but I've been so wrapped up in the inventory liquidation sale, packaging, shipping, tagging, sewing my fingers off finalizing the new designs, emailing, my son starting preschool...and the list goes on!

But FINALLY the sneak peek of the new iCandy Diapering System is up on the website! I'm totally excited, can you tell?!

Here are the links:

Sneak Peek

iCandy Details

Our "Wick-free Guarantee"

We're shooting for a November release date and you can look for reviews and giveaways from all your (and our) favorite Mom-bloggers around that time as well.

The design for this diaper came to me (literally) in the middle of the night and I jumped out of bed at 3:00am and ran down to my sewing machine and sewed the first one, right then and there. There probably aren't many people out there having diaper-obsessed dreams, but hey, that's what I do!

I think this design is by far the most innovative one that I've come up with yet. And so far the feedback that we've gotten on it has been awesome. It is a three part system-the iCandy Wrapper is an outer cover that is made from super-cute designer cotton prints. We plan on having prints changing and rotating out frequently as fabric designers release new prints. And if you have a print recommendation we'd love to hear it!

Then there's a snap-in liner. This liner is made from wipe-clean PUL, gusseted, and trimmed with super-soft micro chamois. It keeps messes off of your iCandy wrapper! But you don't need to snap out the liner every time you change a diaper. Just like a PUL diaper cover the liner can often just be wiped clean and a new insert placed in. If you have a blow out and you feel the liner also needs changing you simply snap out the liner and insert together, pop them in your laundry bag and snap in a new liner and insert. There's really almost never a cause to change your iCandy wrapper-unless of course you want to see your little darling diapered in a multitude of designer prints every day and you just can't help yourself!

We're starting out with 20 prints right off the bat! Every iCandy wrapper will come with a liner and insert and additional inserts and liners will be sold separately.

Pricing is still TBD.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the new design so comment on the blog, Tweet in our direction, or join us on Facebook!

Happy Diapering!


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