Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our weekend trip to Raleigh...

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Atsuko, who represents our distributor in Japan, in person.  We met in Raleigh and had lunch and it was such a pleasure to finally put a face to all the emails!  She brought the most beautiful gifts for our family.  Thank you, thank you!  We are just so happy to have such a great retailer/distributor in Japan!  They have given us a lot of support, not to mention been patient while the company has grown, changed names, changed websites, changed product designs, etc.  

I wish I had a picture to put up here on the blog, but I forgot my camera!  Atsuko got some pictures of us together though and I'm going to steal one from her one of these days! :)

For now, here are a couple more images of our diapers in Japanese magazines (so exciting!) and I also wanted to share a few of the images of custom diapers from their website.  I LOVE doing custom orders for Japan because they pick the CUTEST fabrics and color combos!  Don't you just want to give these minkee diapers a hug?  TOO CUTE!

We are working on a custom order for them right now with some
 new poly prints and I can't wait to see the results!

Oh and that gorgeous blanket and changing pad in the photo with our diaper was made by Jesseca at The Modern Baby Company (formerly Quilt Baby).  Way back in 06' when my son was born and I opened Just Ducky, I found Jesseca on Etsy and ordered some of her amazing creations to sell in my store.  Well, I quickly found that I was overwhelmed by diapers and I stopped selling other products in the store, but I still go to her site from time to time to drool over her latest prints and patterns.  Hopefully we'll be opening a retail location in the future and I will definitely be wanting to carry her line in the store.  Check her site out at

A side note, though we are not making the OS AIO in cotton prints anymore (wipe away a tear) because of issues with wicking.  I am in the process of designing a new diaper that will come in gorgeous designer cotton prints with a NO leaking, NO wicking guarantee!  Want to know how?  Just stay tuned, I just about need to duct tape my mouth shut so I don't talk about this design before it is ready, I am soooo excited!


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